assalamualaikum / peace be upon you

" today I don't feel like doing anything , I just want to lay in my bed "

remember this lazy song from Bruno Mars ? # He is awesome :D

When I was in the elementary school , I suffered the Lazy Monday sickness ;)
I woke up late , walked slow and yawn repeatedly .
Since I was a prefect when I'm in form four , I have a duty on Monday and it makes me feel uncomfortable .
I love holiday :D

Going home after school is like going to heaven ;)
I quickly take bath , pray and having my delightful nap that sometimes bringing dream --'

everything changed now . I have an evening class on Monday so I can wake up a little bit late :P
and the best thing is , I really love Monday because when my class start , I am the most happy student while everyone is sleepy because I woke up late :D hahaha .

thank you :D

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali singgah la lagi :)

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