sweetest moment in your life

assalamualaikum / peace be upon you :)

I got so many sweet moment in my precious life and that makes me being so excited to write down for my third post . 

First and foremost , the sweet thing that I really love is when my ex boyfriend taught me how to play guitar . Just imagine , we hanging out in the beach and he started to play my favourite song using his guitar . I caught myself jealous with his talent so I decided asking him to teach me how to play . I got the basic codes and I excel in playing ' love story ' song by Taylor Swift . But , since he passed away , I never play guitar any more until my brother ask me to play him a song . I'm feeling so sad as I don't remember even a code . So my lovely chubby brother taught me some simple song and I love playing them repeatedly :)

I love swings ! who love swings ? raise your hand :D 

this is my second sweet simple story ;)

This moment happened when I am in form three . the day is windy and I felt bloom that day . I'm walking alone to the nearest playground from my home . I love being alone when I got problem with my family . I sat in the swings and slowly push myself . I remember the feeling of loneliness . I cried as I don't know what should I do . Suddenly , I felt my swings pushed by someone from back . I felt a great shock at that time . Then I heard my daddy voice . He secretly followed me . He wants to accompany me . I don't really remember what we talked about , but I won't forget the feeling being a child again when my daddy push my swings and I giggled :')

Daddy , I miss you .

okay , lets skip the other sweet moment that I experienced and read my SWEETEST MOMENT in my life .

I called them : Falling In Love 

nothing much to say because it is about feeling .  
But the greatest thing about my current love story is ,

I can't explain how , why and when I started loving him .
love is love .

peace !

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali singgah la lagi :)


♥♥szumika sakni♥♥ said...

did he passed away? owhh i am very sory...take a deep breath and forget him... chill

Nadzirah said...

yes and it's okay dear :) I'm trying :)