be yourself

assalamualaikum / peace be upon you

okay . tired .
I have to complete this task by today no matter what happen .
only then ,
I can sleep peacefully .

I just came back from my tutorial class .
Alhamdulillah , everything goes right .

in my way back ,
I met a girl I don't know who .
Her make up is obviously over dose .
bright blue pants , bright yellow jacket , green t shirt -.-
just imagine , walking in a hot day dressing like that .

okay . That's the way she are .
and me , 
is still with my formal attire :D 
its normal when you are in education course .

I don't care what you want to wear ,
what is your way to talk ,
just ,
be you . be yourself :D

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali singgah la lagi :)

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