Missing everyone

assalamualaikum / peace be upon you .

alone in the room , sitting beside the window , let the wind blows my hair and face makes my tears once again fell down . I miss everyone . 

I've tried to call my mum but there's no answer .
called my brother , my sister but still no answer .
looking at the clock , around 11.30 pm .
are they slept ? I don't have an idea .
I hope they are doing fine .

I miss my dear Najiha .
didn't call her for a month but still received her text once a week telling me she is fine , great and so on . I hope she tell me the truth . :')
miss her so much . 
dear , please remember that I will never forget you even for a second . 

I do miss Azry .
I don't know when is the right time I can meet him again .
he always sick nowadays and it scares me .
please don't leave me , honey :(
I love you .

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali singgah la lagi :)

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