dream comes true

assalamualaikum / peace be upon you

everyone including me have at least a dream 
and I have a lot of dreams :D

my dreams

1 . after 2 and a half years , I will go to the convocation and my mum will sit in the main hall accompanied by my siblings watching me graduating :)

2 . I will buy my own house and decorating it by myself ;) 
3 . I will get married with someone I really fall in love with . He will be my Prince Charming , absolutely :D
4 . I will run my own kindergarten full with cute and chubby kids :D :D
5 . I will travel to my wish list place ;)
6 . I have my own kids . tralala ~

okay . that's all . err , I think so ? Hahaha

#yes ! at last I managed to finishing my first ten based on tittle entry . 
ten more to go before I can write in peace minded :D

see ya !

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali singgah la lagi :)

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