a date

assalamualaikum / peace be upon you

hey peoples .
how are you doing while I'm doing great ? ;)

yeah , its true but I'll never forcing myself to forget even a things that made me happy even it's over :D

a date . which date I would choose ? my birthday ? my first day of bla bla bla ? my last day of la la la ? HAHA . not funny . xD

I have made a decision ! ( sorry , I got so excited -,- )

a date that I choose is thirteenth of August two thousand twelve :)
that is the day when two hearts become together between me and him . ;) # what is going on me ?

I absolutely can choose any date that I want but this lucky date have changed my upside down ( at that time ) life . He light up my world like nobody else # stealing lyric :P

ahh ! What on earth is going with me ? Am I crazy or I just too tired and exhausted ?
nope ! I'm great here , dude !

lets jump into the conclusion :

first : I love my little pumpkin .
second : He changed my life .
third : I let go my past by that day . 

thank you :)

# I can't wait to finish up my first ten entry because I have to follow the tittle given -,- 
and I really don't have an idea to write anything  according to what my lecturer gave me >,<

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali singgah la lagi :)

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